Mar 22, 2008

Earth Burgers Are Easy

After walking all over the sprawling grounds of Flower World we were hungry. On the way back to the highway, the Maltby Cafe in, you guessed it, Maltby, Washington, was calling to us. We opted to sit at the counter in order to sit sooner. It was a good choice. Portions are very generous but we found that out only after we ordered because we saw everyone's lunch leave the kitchen.

Earth Burger
Roasted portebello mushrooms, domestic mushrooms, brown rice, bulghar wheat, mozzarella cheese and much more (made locally for us).

What a flavor. Rich and hearty and, best of all, moist. A nice, meaty mouth-feel texture. I asked for jalapenos and onions too. Unless I see the word or hear the word, thousand island dressing doesn't even exist to me. It's just something I never ever have in my brain. But it was already on the bun so I left it and I enjoyed it on the sandwich. I've got to find out who makes these for the cafe. Just really tasty. Opted for the side salad which was really fresh. I was given oil and vinegar so I dressed it myself with the addition of salt and pepper.

OK, so not part of the healthy eating I try to follow (and blog about) but permit us this indulgence. The giant cinnamon roll is, indeed, giant. Now, cinnamon rolls are not at all a temptation for me. They are, however, hard to resist for S. But I should mention that she has resisted one for a looooooooong time. According to her, it's been years. Considering her birthday was only hours away at this point, why the hell not, right? We had no idea it was so big, though the price should have tipped us off. Really, we just didn't put the two together. The waitress brought out the plate and the sight of it stopped us cold in our conversation. She laughed. She noticed my camera and offered to take our picture with it. I declined, stating that I didn't want proof that we ate it! It's spilt into four large cinnamon rolls and I did have a couple bites and some extra frosting. S took care of the rest of one piece. The remaining 3/4 went home and went into the freezer for future endulgences.

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