Mar 11, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green

Especially when it dips into the 30's at night. Still, the seeds for arugula, mustard greens, salad mix and beets have sprouted! Very excited about that. In about 3 weeks we might be eating homemade salad. Still no sign of the carrots but they take a while. No sign of the peas but I might have been premature in planting. I will sow more peas this weekend if it doesn't rain. I will also sow another batch of greens in the last little section of the bed. We are scaling back the operation this year. Not that we had a huge garden last year but we need it to be smaller so we can concentrate on getting out on adventures more. However, we will probably have more in containers because of some reshaping of an established row of moss roses that we are going to prune to the max! The wee columbines that try to grow behind it will be moved to a better spot. That frees a southern exposed patch that is perfect for containers since the ground there is not suited for veggies anyway. I can't wait.

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