Jun 22, 2008

Garden Update

We will be eating peas, turnips, and strawberries the next couple of days. Also more bok choi (not pictured). Strawberries tonight for dessert for sure. I think Summer is inches from being here. The past few days the weather has been more of what's to be expected in the PNW. But we won't hold our breath. We'll just eat whatever the garden will grow and love it.


Anonymous said...

I love your garden pic. Everything looks ssooooo beautifully ready for eating. Yum.

Asha said...

Love those girl. I still have to wait for 1 more month to get my bounty!:))

Meg Wolff said...

Thanks for the garden update! Love the PNW!

vb said...

vegeyum, asha, and meg: The PNW has seen/is seeing an unusually cold Spring/early Summer. But anything that comes from the garden is exciting. Thanks for visiting!

Denise said...

Born and raised in the PNW, but give me Florida any day ..... LOL ... except during the hot / humid summers!



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