Mar 13, 2013

Project 290: Roasted Ceci Beans

Most people know ceci beans as chickpeas or garbanzo beans. Growing up in my Italian family, ceci beans was the only term we ever used. Pronounced CHEE-gee or CHAY-gee by my relatives, the g is soft like in George. Ceci beans are one of my favorite foods and I'm always looking for excuses to eat them.

Over the last couple of years I've come across several Internet recipes for roasting them and all are basically the same; toss the ceci beans with oil and salt and any other of your favorites spices then roast until they are as brown and as crisp as you like. Easy.

For this batch I took one can of ceci beans, drained, rinsed, drained again and patted dry while the oven heated to 350 degrees. I used a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, homemade sambar powder, and homemade garam masala and tossed to coat. I poured these out onto a rimmed cookie sheet and roasted for about 45 minutes. A couple of times I removed the cookie sheet and shook it a bit to let the ceci roll around before I returned it to the oven.

This snack is very versatile and you are only limited by your imagination of herb and spice combinations. Great to take on hikes. Makes a great party snack. Best part is that cegi beans are wonderfully healthy. Make some soon and let me know what flavor combinations you use.


vegeyum said...

Hi Victoria, wonderful that you tried this! They are great little balls, aren't they. Healthy and scrumptious, just right for snacking.

vb said...

It's hard to not eat the whole batch! These will be great on hiking trips.

Elizabeth Jarrard said...

i just discovered ceci! i definitely want to try your recipe with the spices!! thank you!

vb said...

Elizabeth, so glad you made this discovery. Tell me what you make and how it turns out.


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