Sep 28, 2008

Roasted Peppers and Chocolate Croissants

The perfect combination, right?

What a beautiful day. Blue sky, sun, 70 degrees. This is October, right? They (the cosmic weather prophets) are calling for a high of around 78 tomorrow?! No complaints. After a rare lazy morning of coffee and general leisure, we hit the sidewalk for the
West Seattle Farmer's Market. We knew for a fact that there would be one vendor roasting peppers on the spot. And we finally decided to stand in line at Bakery Nouveau in order to sample the amazing looking pastries. We hit the bakery first and it was worth the wait in line. Granted, the decadence in caloric intake and price makes this place a once in a while treat. But we were already having a celebratory weekend for a couple of reasons so it was the right time. One chocolate croissant (not pictured), one double-baked chocolate croissant, and one cherry almond croissant were more than enough and half of the double-baked croissant came home with us. We figured this much sugar would help us on the 2.5 mile trek back home after the market.The markets in Seattle are still full of variety and color. From tomatoes to turnips and peaches to peppers, all still being harvested and all still vibrant. We quickly got a couple of pounds of freshly roasted, organic Anaheim chiles. What a wonderful smell coming from this vendor's stand. The peppers tumble for several minutes over an open flame in order to char the skins. They go from tumbler into large plastic bins for a bit of steaming and then into the one pound containers. Some of this bounty went into a chili and corn soup for dinner. The rest was stashed away in the freezer.

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