Dec 21, 2008

Hungry Hummingbirds

The weather in Seattle lately has been crazy. Currently, I have a ruler buried deep in just over eight inches of snow on my front patio table. Wednesday night the snow started and really hasn't stopped. Temperatures are below freezing too. We have one hummingbird who spends most of its day on our feeder. A second hummingbird intrudes at times but, for the most part, this feeder belongs to this hummingbird featured in these clips. In one clip the lighting might look a bit odd because I had turned on the porch light.

We keep checking the feeder throughout the day and when the food starts to freeze we bring it in for a while and set it by a heating vent. For a few days we have had an up close and personal view of this little bird. In fact, this morning when S was hanging the feeder, the bird landed on it before she got it onto the hook. The little bird just sat there on the perch while she just looked in wonder, arm up in the air holding the feeder, hummingbird just inches from her face. Perhaps the hungrier they get the less afraid they get. We've also got the regular bird feeder full. Please remember to fill your feeders this winter.


Geri said...

Love these pictures of the birds feeding. I love to watch birds.

vb said...

Geri, it's been a real joy to sit and watch them feeding.

vegeyum said...

What a wonderful thing, birdfeeders - and beautiful photos.

vb said...

vegeyum, thanks! I just loved watching those birds. Now that it's a little warmer, they don't visit as often.


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