Jan 30, 2009

Cafe Campagne Happy Hour

Cafe Campagne Happy Hour
Originally uploaded by vbodanza

The most amazing two-bite little lamb burgers ($2) served on choux pastry
rolls with balsamic onions and aglio e olio (Sorry, I don't know the French
spelling). Have two at least. Moist, a bit pink inside, very peppery. Share
a basket of pommes frites, thin, crispy and salty ($4). Sip the 500 ml
carafe of the house red ($10). And a great location in Post Alley at Pine.

Live from my G1!


Heidi said...

k, I'm going next time! So, move over romance, here comes Heidi and gang :)

vb said...

The more the merrier. You bring your romance and we'll bring ours!


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