May 5, 2009

Flying Apron at West Seattle Farmers Market

On a recent walk to the West Seattle Farmers Market we stopped at the Flying Apron Baking Co., Seattle's best vegan bakery. My favorite item is the Apricot Thumbprint (organic brown rice flour, organic garbanzo bean flour, organic canola oil, filtered water, organic evaporated cane juice, organic Turkish apricots, organic lemon juice, pure vanilla extract, baking powder, sea salt). You can spot them in the forefront. Thumbprint? More like a palm print. They are delicious. S snagged a Ginger Wheel, also delicious. Nope, we're not vegans. We just love good food.

What are the bakery items at your farmers market?


Asha said...

Looks good, enjoy! We usually get homemade Pies, cookies etc, here!:)

vb said...

Asha, don't you just love farmers markets? Homemade pies sound great.

Aubrey said...

used to work for the Flying Apron. glad to see they are getting into more markets this season!

haha - "palmprints" ... so true!

vb said...

Aubrey, they've also moved out of the U-Dist. to Fremont. Haven't been to the new location yet but I'll get there.

Health Advocate said...

There nothing more appetizing and enticing than the farm fresh yields...simply love the idea.


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