Nov 1, 2009

Wait No More

Wow, where did the time go? Our summer flew by and we filled it to the brim. And we are recently back from two weeks in Turkey. I will be posting some shots of some of the fabulous food we ate while traveling. I will also be working on some Turkish-inspired dishes for future posts. In the meantime, let's continue where we left off, waiting for tomatoes.No more waiting. End of season tomatoes came our way via E & B. I didn't have enough energy today for canning but I did spend a fair amount of time turning all of these tomatoes, in varying degrees of ripeness, into salas - lots of it. I diced all of these tomatoes then added half a white onion - diced, two large cloves of garlic - minced, two jalapenos - seeded and diced, one bunch cilantro - chopped, about a cup of frozen corn, one can of black beans (rinsed and drained), the juice of a small lime, salt to taste, about two tablespoons of olive oil, and sugar. Yeah, I know, I don't like putting sugar in things but these tomatoes were so very acidic it was painful. So a little sugar helped cut that bite.I got two quarts, a pint, and a little bit. We'll be eating salsa all week but it's really tasty.

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Bill Medifast said...

Nice to see that the wait is finally over and the salsas are coming left right and center. Can't wait to see everything from Turkey and try out some of your Turkish inspired meals.

Bill M.


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