Dec 14, 2009

Project 261 & 260: Mushroom Risotto Patties

Good thing we like leftovers. Versatile, easy, quick.

You can make anything you can imagine. A favorite use for leftovers is making patties (croquettes, cakes, fritters). I love patties if any kind.

Rice dishes are perfect for this kind of thing. Leftover dal works great too and so do mashed, steamed, boiled, roasted, or baked potatoes. For these risotto patties, I took the left over mushroom risotto S made the night before and added an egg, some homemade whole wheat breadcrumbs, and a shake of this and that for extra flavor. Rice just absorbs flavor into a black hole. After I combined everything, I chilled the mixture so it would be easier to handle. Before forming the patties I rubbed olive oil on my hands. Don't worry, these don't require a great deal of handling. Just pick up a blob of mixture and quickly work to form a patty. Immediately start frying in the pre-heated oil. Brown on both sides to the color you desire. Remember, everything is already cooked. Sure, if you use an egg, you have a raw ingredient. But a fraction of an egg per patty will cook in minutes.

Flip and brown the other side. Then remove form the pan to a cooling rack lined with paper towel. Serve hot.

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