Jun 11, 2010

Keep It Simple

I have been crazy busy. I've been missing this blog. I've got new projects in the works, a full-time job, a life, and the rest but I must make some time for this blog too because I enjoy it. There is too much I enjoy doing and not enough time!

Here is a very quick and very healthy lunch. Often, I have a batch of yogurt cheese in the works. Sometimes I add herbs, sometimes I add smoked salmon. And sometimes, like this time, I use goat's milk yogurt to make the cheese. I'll post the how-to this weekend.

If you love avacados, you just love avacados and scooping it right from the peel into your mouth works every time. But a couple additional steps and you have a great lunch. Toast some homemade bread, spread with the yogurt cheese, top with the sliced avacado then season to taste with coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper. Now that's good. It's gone all too soon so repeat as necessary.


Asha said...

Smoked Salmon sounds great, simple sandwich looks yum.

vb said...

Thanks, Asha!

vb said...

Thanks, Asha!


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