Aug 15, 2010

Yes, We Can!

We love to can. Might sound strange if you don't can or find canning a chore. But we enjoy it. Tony's Produce had 20 lb boxes of peaches at a decent price so we carted home a box and started peeling. We made a batch of peach-ginger and a batch of peach-peño. We will get to another batch of plain peach - maybe. Now Seattle is having a heat wave. The idea of a giant pot of boiling water in the kitchen is crazy right now. However, we might crank out a couple peach pies to go directly into the freezer. No cooking required. And who doesn't love homemade pie in the middle of winter?


The Rowdy Chowgirl said...

Your jam is beautiful--so luminous. I made blackberry and strawberry jam this year, and I'm planning to try marmalade this winter.

feedyourself said...

Rowdy, thanks! We did tomatoes this weekend. Will post soon. I really enjoy it. I'll be trying some small batch canning in October to keep my canning muscles limber - maybe a chutney. I'll look forward to the marmalade post.


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