Nov 21, 2010

And Snow It Begins

We have been hearing about how this winter will be rough. But it's hard to tell so early. Even with today's snowfall, it's a waiting game. So make sure you have boots, a shovel and some salt for the driveway. Make some chai, bake a squash, and grab a good book, your knitting needles, your paintbrush, whatever you use to fill a cold and snowy Sunday.


The Rowdy Chowgirl said...

Was that picture taken at your house today? Wow! We got plenty of flakes, but none of them stuck. It was beautiful at Greenlake this morning.

vb said...

Rowdy, yes, this was taken around 3:45 today, just minutes before I posted it. This is as dramatic as it got. But who knows what we will see in the morning.


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