Nov 3, 2010

Food For Thought

feed yourself used to be all about food. Made sense, food feeds me. But so many other things feed me too. I no longer want to be constrained to a blog only for food while also maintaining a blog for all the other adventures in life. So I'm kind of retiring the other blog and I'm going to experiment with concentrating only on feed yourself by taking advantage of the use of pages to separate the various ways I nourish myself. Don't think of it as less food, think of it as more everything. There will still be food cuz there is no way I'd ever stop cooking and writing about it. So here I go. I hope you stick around.


The Rowdy Chowgirl said...

Good for you! I was looking forward to seeing where you went with this, after we talked about it on our walk...there truly are many ways of feeding ourselves and it will be interesting to see how you integrate those different topics into this blog.

feedyourself said...

Rowdy, I did think about that day we walked and I mentioned my indecision. But life is short and how many blogs does a girl need?


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