Dec 4, 2010

Book Binding Bash

I had the book binding bug over the holiday weekend. I even made books that aren't in these photos. Poking around the web I discovered quickly that there is little reason to buy pre-made journals. There are so many ways to make my own books. Buying the paper of my choice and binding it with or without covers is one way and I had already done that this book binding weekend so I was looking around the house for more stuff to use. Taking a store-bought spiral-bound sketchpad, I created two journals more to my liking. The original sketchpad was too big and was a vertical format. So I cut off the last 4 inches or so. This left me with one spiral-bound journal in a size I really like for my pen drawings and now in a horizontal format. It's the journal standing up in the back in the shot below, with the dragon on the front. But what to do with the left-over paper and cardboard? Make another book, duh! I folded the paper, separated it into signatures and stitched it up using a coptic stitch. It's the smallest journal you see in the photos.
But I still wanted more! I remembered a video I found of a woman making journals from manila folders. And I had a huge stack of manila folders just begging for attention (my workplace was recycling a bunch of them so I brought them home with the intent to get organized but I think making art journals is way more fun). I cut them to a size I like, separated them into signatures and stitched them together. I left the spines open. I could have taped them closed but I figured I'll tape the next batch. I've started filling these two manila folder journals already. I love them.
I still have a big stack of manila folders. Do you think Misu would help? She didn't lift a paw the whole time.
And how about those annoying subscription cards from the magazines? Well those can be an art journal too. Stay tuned!


The Rowdy Chowgirl said...

What an awesome way to reuse those folders. With or without help from the cat...

vb said...

I swear, Rowdy, I was addicted to making journals for a whole day. I might be again soon. I'm jonesin'.


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