Jan 28, 2011

Alternative Art Journals

Recently, I posted about making my own journals, often out of recycled materials. I mentioned that those annoying subscription cards in magazines can also make a great art journal. Here are some examples of "pages" from my subscription card journal. I've not yet bound it because it's much easier to work on the individual cards when they are absolutely free from bondage, as it were. I'm not sure how I will bind these when the time comes. Stitching along a side would interfere in the finished work. I'm thinking that one hole punched in the top left corner would be enough and then a key ring or, cooler yet because this is Seattle and we are very outdoorsy, a carabiner. Yeah, man! A carabiner. Clip your art to your pack, man, and get outside!
As for the materials used, they are all the same as in any other art journal. I do like the small format.

The astronaut ones make me think of the earliest days of MTV. Wasn't MTV cool then? Is there still MTV? Can't think of why would we still need it. But I can't understand most of the why behind television. I grew up on it, of course. 24-7. But once I liberated myself from it, I've never looked back. Maybe there's an Amish ancestor in my past?
Yeah, I have no idea why there is a piece of book binding thread in this one but I kind of like it. Classic movie buffs will recognize Lillian Gish in the ALL TIME CLASSIC thriller, The Night of the Hunter. Chilling. Creepy.

Now that I look again at the card below, I can see that I need to bring out the detail more. Perhaps a white and/or black gel pen.
We have in this one acrylics, rubber stamp work, and collage elements.
Lots of layers in this one. I like layers.


The Rowdy Chowgirl said...

These are like journal flashcards! And once you pointed it out, that astronaut totally reminds me of MTV. Nice.

vb said...

Journal flashcards - I like that.

Rosy said...

This is my first visit here and so far from I had seen I LOVE YOUR BLOG seems to have everything!

I also love your idea on what to do with those inserts that for some reason or another tends to fall out when one least expects it too, my guess the company made them on purpose like that to sucker one into falling for another magazine and so fourth.

vb said...

Rosy, when I think of all the subscription cards I recycled before I began art journaling! I welcome them now. Maybe I should start asking my friends to save them for me? Thanks for visiting.


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