Mar 27, 2011

Day Trippin' Continued

Here are a few more shots from our day trip to Pt. Townsend. The weather took a turn for the better once we rolled into town so we headed to Ft. Warden and the beach. We took a stroll by the water. There was an art print show/sale going on in building 205 so we walked through there too. Then once around the large main lawn. We then headed back into town for lunch and window shopping.

We really liked Wild Sage Teas. I found wonderful handmade soap. You can sit and have tea but we were on the move for lunch.We didn't go far. Just a couple doors from Wild Sage we read the menu and decided to try Fountain Cafe (Can someone tell me if they have a website? Been looking online everywhere. Wanted to re-read the menu).
S had the mussels and clams. Delicious broth. I had the homemade black bean burger with a cup of the smoked turkey tomatillo soup. Everything was great. For dessert we split the warm gingerbread with vanilla custard sauce. We waddled out of there very satisfied. Time for another walk.
The colorful yarns in the yarn store mirrored the rainbow of votive holders in The Candle Store which is connected by a doorway. I was surprised and pleased to find my favorite incense in this store - Potala Incense. Until yesterday, I could find it in only one place, Travelers on Pine. I check any and all places selling incense but I never see it. Not only does this place have it, they have it in sticks twice as long as the ones I've seen so far. By the way, you can find Potala Incense online but I like to search for it in person.
On the step of the Candle Store I spotted some coins. It looked to me as if it was left as an offering so I didn't disturb it. Don't want any bad ju-ju on me, no sir.

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