Oct 8, 2011

Fall Haul From Carpinito's

I took an early morning ride to Carpinito Brothers to stock up on winter squash and peppers. I'm never disappointed with this place. This year we are too busy to can tomatoes so I'm putting food "up" this year by preparing and freezing. Yesterday it was homemade sausage. Today it's roasted corn and roasted peppers. K & R brought over green tomatoes and I'll make salsa. They also gave us pears so today I'll also make "apple" sauce with them. All the gourds will live in the basement for the next two or three months. And the deals on whole salmon have been amazing lately. I must have three whole giant salmon fileted and frozen. After today we should be all set for a long Winter's nap.

Oh, yeah, how much do think this cost me? $35. No lie. Local farms are the best.

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