Mar 31, 2012

Shy Harbinger of Spring

Ladybugs have been visiting. Harbingers of Spring. This one crawled out from behind the fireplace. You can see the dust on its back. As soon as I picked it up it clammed up, as it were. I waited, hoping to get a shot of the spots on its wings. No dice. I gave up and set it outside.


jeannie said...

You sure that's not one of the infiltrating "Asian beetles"? Doesn't look red enough, or have black spots to be a real lady bug. The beetles are intruders,infesting this part of the country...Didn't know they were in your neck of the woods. They have no natural predators here. My chickens won't even eat them. They stink when you squish them, and make a yellow stain. They also BITE! They would hide in convenient places like behind your fireplace, hang out there all winter and make babies. CAREFUL!

Dennis said...

I remember catching Ladybugs as a kid. We called them potato bugs though because they ate the leavs of the potato plants.


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