Jan 7, 2013

Project 359: Does This Mask Make My Face Look Like it's on Fire?

I've got a nasty case of bronchitis and a fever of 102.8. If I ever have my own radio station in gonna say.  "I've Got The Fever For Hot His on Fever 102.8!" Who am I kidding,  I don't even listen to the radio because I'm afraid someone is gonna say that 

In most medical facilities,  there are dispensers of hand sanitizers and masks.  My mask protects you from my bronchitis. My mask also raised the temperature of my face to the broil setting on my oven before I had the thing completely attached. This is not a good idea,  not if you have a fever.  So I just covered my mouth with it when I had a coughing fit.

Not to mention,  your glasses fog up.  I'm impressed my doc kept her mask on during the entire exam.


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