Feb 19, 2013

Project 312: A Snail of Two Cities

Dinner last night was so wonderful. I told myself I would try escargot and I did. If you're going to try escargot try it in France, right? I had no idea what to expect but I was surprised and delighted. Escargot is really no big deal. Really. You might expect a fishy taste even though they are not fish. But they tasted like the sea - a common description of fresh foods from the water. And they were bathed in garlic and olive oil and a small amount of what appeared to be a pesto. Even the "mouth feel" wasn't overwhelming. They had just a slight chew, nothing more. And let's not forget to dip our bread in that delicious olive oil. I also had duck confit with frites. That duck just fell apart. So tender. Sally had sea bass and shrimp in a vegetable ratatouille. She reported that every morsel was perfect.


Anonymous said...

Bo, you make snails sound just as good as mussels. Glad you are having fun. DMW

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked can clean up my flower beds now and have a real feast..:) I hate that I am displayed as anonymous and can't get credit for my abusive sibling behavior.


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