Feb 18, 2013

Project 315: Home Is Where The Crepe Is

Cafe aux lait (ka-FA Y oh-LAY to Americans) is usually coffee with milk,  sometimes steamed (like a latte) and sometimes coffee with a small pitcher of milk served on the side. Cafe creme (ka-fay KREM) is coffee with creme. Thick, real, decadent creme. Eat with a spoon creme. Yesterday we went all day on just breakfast. By dinner time we wanted something warm and creamy. To eat we had crepes. My crepe had salmon and a dill sauce. We ate outside,  just on the edge of the Rue Cler neighborhood.

By the way, here is a shot of the hotel.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yummy!!!!! your Hotel looks nice!!! Send me a postcard!!!
This is ur sister!!


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