Feb 4, 2013

Project 332, 331, & 330: I Think I'm Turning Japanese

I'm deciding that this post is big enough to count as 3 days of posts. I'm the boss of me so this is what I've decided.

In case you didn't know, the Chinese New Year is upon us. Saturday morning I ran into the International District (I. D.) to hit Uwajimaya. Wasn't looking for anything in particular, just browsing. But I did find some delicious items.

It's the year of the snake but you can always find dragons in the I. D. Uwajimaya is a Japanese name and it's mainly a Japanese market but it's also a much broader Asian market. Not to mention you can get plenty of items from other parts of the world. In many ways, it's like any other grocery store. It has Cheerios and Pepsi and peanut butter. It even has Sicilian olive oil. What's disappointing about this olive oil is that I meant to buy it but after I shot the picture, I turned and walked away. The short-term memory is already deteriorating.

They have a huge seafood section featuring fresh and frozen fish. They have live lobsters and crabs, clams and oysters. Even steamed octopus. They even have the horribly ugly geoduck. If you are not familiar with this creature, then Google it. I know it's supposed to taste wonderful and I bet it does. If I ever have the chance to try it I will. But I just don't want to look at it.

There are also sweet treats to be found in abundance. It's hard to resist Pocky. A thin cookie stick dipped in any number of chocolates and often covered in almonds or peanuts or coconut. This is actually a smaller Pocky section then in the past.

Then there is the red bean bun. Red bean anything really. I just love it. Sweetened adzuki beans inside a sweet baked or steamed bun. Buns with sweetened sweet potato are also delicious. Misu needed to have a smell but was immediately run off. It's just too tempting to a cat to sit and watch me take pictures of food. They always get into at least one shot.

The fresh produce section includes food from all over the world. Not sure what these are. Again, I forgot. I usually take a shot of the sign telling you what you're looking at. Forgot to do that too.
Last, but so not least, is the vast array of seaweed. Seaweed for all occasions because different seaweeds are used for different things. For snacking, we love the olive oil toasted sheets. Crunchy, salty, slightly seasoned. Fold them up and crunch in.

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