Oct 28, 2013

Día de Muertos

I made some cookies to celebrate Día de Muertos or Day of the Dead (DOTD). The holiday doesn't begin until Friday but I had to mail some of these to family so I needed to work early.
I spotted the cookie cutters in an art store. It's really hard for me to resist DOTD stuff. I could see that the cutters weren't very big and that there was a lot of detail but I just wanted them. I don't know who iced the cookies on the front of the box but there was no way I was going to be able to reproduce detail this fine. Frankly, I wonder if the photo wasn't Photoshopped. Or, the detail was used mainly as a guide and the whole cookie was flooded with white icing first then the maticulous detail applied later. Cuz I really don't see how you could have filled in the nooks and crannies then flooded around it and certainly there was no way to flood around the detail.
For the cookies I used Martha's Ideal Sugar Cookies recipe. I also used her recipe for royal icing. You can also use your own favorite cookie recipe and your own icing recipe.

Here are my colors of icing. I made sure to make them bright and bold. For most of the cookies I used the detail as a guide but for a few of them (pictured at the beginning of this post) I flooded the whole thing with white first and then just played with the colors with now particular agenda.

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