Jul 19, 2006

Sauteed Greens

We have greens coming from every direction in the garden. We can't eat them fast enough. Lettuces everywhere and various other forms of leafy things that we saute. It's a very quick and easy process once the greens are thouroughly cleaned.

Here I've got some endive and a variety of saute greens, a red bell pepper, some onion scapes, and some garlic. Everything but the red pepper was grown here at home.

In a couple tablespoons of olice oil I saute the garlic, the scapes, and the pepper which I've cut into strips and then halved. After a couple minutes I stuff the pan with greens that I've usually ripped in half for a more manageable bite. I start turning bunches of greens with my tongs as I try to coat it all with the sauteed veggies and olive oil. About a minute later I splash in some soy sauce and some vinegar (either Chinese black vinegar or balsamic), grind some coarse salt over the whole thing, sometimes some garlic powder too, then I sprinkle a tablespoon of brown sugar over it all. This isn't always needed. But the endive is pretty bitter. And there you have it. In minutes you have delicious sauteed greens. I can easily eat the whole batch!

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