Aug 15, 2008

Fueling-Up on The Sammamish River Trail

S and I set a new personal best for biking distance last Sunday. We hit the Sammamish River Trail and covered 20.21 miles round trip. We're proud of that. We gradually keep adding distance to our rides. A few photos and some details can be found at my other blog, bodanzarama. We stopped for lunch at Redhook Brewery, easily accessible from the trail. Surprised to see something healthy on the menu. Smoked fish and fruit. Smoked trout and smoked salmon. Really tasty. We were really hungry and thirsty and there are plenty of other hungry and dusty/sweaty/dirty cyclists in there who don't care that you have helmet head.


stet said...

This looks like it's plated for a restaurant. Beautiful.

vb said...

We were in one - Red Hook Brewery. I'm going to call and tease you now.


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