Aug 26, 2008

Urad Dal Roti

I'm amazed at the various roti/paratha recipes I see on the web. So many creative ways to incorporate a wide variety of ingredients. Now that I have the hang of making roti/parathas, I'm experimenting now and then with new versions. As I suspected, I had leftover urad dal. Not to worry. It's easy to incorporate leftover dal of any kind into warm and savory roti or stuffed parathas. You get your protein and your arbs in one bite!

I put my cup of leftover urad dal in the food processor with about two tablespoons of water, ground cumin, chopped cilantro, salt and a couple teaspoons each of two homemade spice blends - sambar powder and garam masala. I blended this until it all stuck to the sides of the bowl. I didn't need it to be a puree but I didn't want the individual pieces of dal in my roti.

In a mixing bowl I added atta a little at a time to the dal until I had a soft "dough" that wasn't too sticky. I used 3/4 cup of atta before I reached a consistency that felt right. I coated the dough with a few drops of oil and let it rest for about 15 minutes.

I then sectioned the dough into 6 portions that I rolled into balls. Keep extra atta on hand for dusting. Onto a flat surface I rolled out the dough (dusting as needed) into relatively thin rounds about six inches across. I heated my non-stick skillet to medium-high heat. Once the pan was hot, I placed a rolled-out roti in the center and let it sit. In about a minute, look for it to change color around the underside edges and you will see little puffs forming in various places. Flip the roti and continue cooking. Sprinkle a tiny amount of oil over the surface and spread with the back of a spoon.

Flip again and you will see that the roti has darkened in color and hot spots have formed. I add another tiny dribble of oil at this point. From here I continue to cook and flip until the roti get to the color you see in the photo. Cool these on a wire rack for a couple of minutes then eat right away.
What will be the next addition to my roti/paratha?


Alexa said...

Cool post. I am discovering the yumminess of roti. I always made naan with my indian meals but now I am loving roti (which fits my wheat-free needs very well). I'll have to try your method of making roti next.:-)

vb said...

Alexa, I'm certainly no roti expert but I love experimenting with ingredients. I should mention that atta, the flour I used, is a whole wheat flour. Perhaps when my atta has run out, I'll experiment with other flours. That would be fun and most likely really tasty.


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