Mar 27, 2013

Project 277: Back to the Future: Green Village International District

Tomorrow (the future) some of us at work will order from Green Village. Here is a post from the past of a field trip to the International District on a sunny afternoon in May 2009.

Do not be fooled by the cafeteria style appearance. The food at Green Village in the International District (The I.D.) is delicious. The folks who run this place couldn't be nicer, greeting you loudly from the behind the counter as soon as you open the door.

This is the Hot Pepper Seafood. It's not very hot. I'm sure it's kept to a very mainstream hot on purpose. Not to worry, plenty of chili sauce in the jar on your table. This dish has shrimp, scallop, and squid plus bell pepper and peanuts and dried red chiles. And the sauce! What is it about Asian sauces in general? That addictive mix of sweet, salty, and spicy. Makes me want to order a bowl of all the sauces for all the dishes they make and just sit and sample them all with a big spoon.

A small side of cooked cabbage and bean sprouts, plus a bowl of soup (comes with lumch) and you are asking for a take-out container for sure. This was my lunch yesterday and today. Unfortunately, they are no longer opened for dinner. Not sure when the hours changed because it's been far too long since I've been here. No excuse, really considering how easy it is to get there from work. We caught the bus a block from where we work, road it for free through the tunnel right to the I.D. Even with a stop at the bakery next door for a red bean bun and Uwajimaya's for manju plus the bus ride back to work, we were only gone an hour and 15 minutes. A great Friday field trip in the 72 and sunny Seattle afternoon.

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