Apr 25, 2010

Dining Out For Life

Dining Out For Life is in it's 17th year in Seattle. Eat at a participating restaurant and proceeds go to Lifelong AIDS Alliance. We selected Tango Restaurant & Lounge this year. It's a tapas place just a couple of blocks from where we work and made a perfect date night.

Very nice prix fixe menu. Three courses for $25.

While you wait for the grub they bring you this delicious bread which reminds me of Portuguese broa, a bread made with wheat and cornmeal. I should have asked if this is what they consider it to be but I forgot. No matter, it was delicious.
We started with the queso azul and the bacon wrapped dates.

We each decided on the moqueca de peixe. We usually try to get two different entrees so we can try two different dishes but we each just really wanted the moqueca de peixe. Mine had two large chunks of tuna while S's had none. Not sure why but it was a pretty obvious omission from her dish.
By dessert time we were full. Too much of the bread before dinner. But we welcomed the dessert along with coffee. Here we have the Valencia Tres Leches and the El Diablo.
I hear Tango has a wonderful happy hour. We'll be trying that soon.
Everything was delicious. I need to mention that the guy who greeted and seated us, said nothing, never smiled, had a scowl on his face. Not good at all as the first person one meets upon entering a place. If we go back for happy hour and he's there and he's just as surly, I'll let the manager know.

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