Feb 3, 2011

little big burger

Recently, and on a whim, we walked into little big burger in the Pearl district in Portland for lunch. We didn't have tons of time because we also wanted to wander in Powell's before a scheduled appointment. We weren't very hungry. little big burger was just what we needed. The menu is basic and that's perfect.
We never go out for burgers. We don't eat them that often. If we do, we make them at home. But when in Portland...Besides, S was in the mood for a burger. Jonesin'.

The small size isn't terribly guilt producing and we split the reasonably-sized order of fries. I had the veggie burger, made locally by Marie at Chez Gourmet. I'm not sure which of the Chez Gourmet burgers is featured at little big burger, but I tasted toasty rice and mushrooms. I loved it.
I know the place is all minimalist, but for a condiment whore like me, simplicity is the exception to the rule. I would have loved more toppings. I'll live. S gave her burger, with Tillamook cheddar, the high sign. Delish. little big burger hit the spot. It was no more - no less than we needed.

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