Feb 5, 2011

Opening A Young Coconut

I bought one simply because I'd never opened one. I wanted to know what was inside. Inside is coconut water and a small amount of young coconut meat. So now I (and you) know (if you didn't before). The first challenge was how to open? I couldn't have done it without this wonderful resource on how to open a young coconut.This coconut yielded 2 1/2 cups of coconut water. The water is sweet and I wasn't expecting that. I froze it and I'll use it to cook rice when we have a coconut milk-based curry.There is very little meat but it's very easy to remove, just scrape it out with a spoon. And don't expect the hard, flaky stuff. This is squishy, fleshy, a bit slimy. There isn't much flavor. I was disappointed. I used it to make a smoothie. So that's it for the young coconut.


The Rowdy Chowgirl said...

Interesting! I totally understand being curious about what's inside! It did look pretty slimy, though.

vb said...

Yeah, not something I need to do again. Next I'm going to crack open a mature coconut when I can find one.


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