Jul 8, 2011

Sketchbook Project Finally Digitized!

I've just been notified that my Sketchbook Project sketchbook has finally been digitized! I've waited months. Granted, I do have my own scans of the whole book but they aren't very good. At least the Art House scans are clear and bright, even if I can't rotate them. Yes, for some of the pages you will have to tilt either your head or your laptop.

From the email:

Viewers can find your book two different ways so far:

1) by going to your profile ( and then clicking on the Artwork tab.
2) by using the library directory and searching for your name. As with the entire Digital Library, things are constantly being worked on, and the searchable directory is one of them. Please allow up to 24-48 hours for your book to be indexed and searchable.

We've put together a quick little introduction video about the digitizing process over here:

And, because I'm a solid 6 on the Enneagram scale and I like it when the rules are followed, I am compelled to add that all of the work in my Sketchbook Project book is mine and mine alone so please do not copy it. Please do not use it as your own. Please just look at it and enjoy it. Thank you.

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