Oct 17, 2011

Peet's Café Solano and Café Domingo

I was sent a 12 oz. bag of Peet's Café Solano and a 12 oz. bag of Peet's Café Domingo as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program with Peet's Coffee. These are Peet's new medium roast coffees, available in stores now.

I haven't made drip coffee at home in a long time. I'm more of a latte gal and make myself big mugs of espresso with steamed milk and lots of foam. But I do like drip coffee and always have it in restaurants after dinner. So I told myself to participate in this Foodbuzz Tastemaker program to get back into the swing of drip coffee.

Our house is already a Peet's household but we prefer a darker roast. I was a bit hesitant about a lighter roast. Would it be strong enough? Would it have enough flavor? In a nutshell the answers are yes and yes - in the right context. Both coffees taste very good - Café Domingo has a hint of toffee and Café Solano has a broader aroma of, well, coffee. Both blends work for us if we add a bit more coffee than is called for in the directions and if we drink it after a meal.

Both coffees paired very well, perhaps better than a darker roast, with the almond cornmeal cookie I made. The cookies have a hint of anise and cinnamon. These two flavors, along with the cookie's nuttiness, are classic coffee companions. The cookie is not overly sweet and I don't sweeten my coffee so I thought the two were perfect together. This cookie is just crunchy enough to sustain a very quick dunk.

We were very pleased with these medium roasts. Both of these roasts are available in ground and whole beans. Here is an online coupon for you – up to a $3.00 value when it's shared with three friends -
Peet's Medium Roast Offer.

The recipe for the almond cornmeal cookie is right here!

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