Apr 18, 2013

Project 255: Baked Eggs With Goat Cheese

Here's a little plug for my Italian heritage. But it's also the basis of a very tasty and easy to make baked egg dish. I diced and mostly seeded one jalapeño pepper, half of a large onion, and half a large red pepper. I sautéed this in a little extra virgin olive oil until the veggies were just soft. I seasoned with salt and pepper.

On top of this mixture I cracked four eggs. A gentle hand is helpful. I took a rubber spatula and gently stretched out the egg whites and made sure egg white fell into the veggie mixture and hit the hot pan. This helped to form a base on which the rest of the dish cooked.
I cooked it like this gently for a few minutes, giving the whole thing a chance to firm up. With eggs, slow and low is the way to go. Next came the goat cheese. Creamy and tangy in its goatiness, it's a household favorite. A dollop on each egg did the trick. Then I put the pan under the broiler until the cheese melted. I sprinkled fresh chopped dill on top right before serving. Eggs make a great dinner. You won't be disappointed if you bake some eggs tonight. 

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