Apr 17, 2013

Project 256: Rigatoni With Brussels Sprouts and Meatballs

We only just walked away from the table an hour ago after eating this delicious dish. I've already got on my pajama pants because I'm so full. But it was worth it.

This morning I watched a New York Times cooking video featuring pasta with Brussels Sprouts. Looked really good. Mid-morning I made turkey meatballs flavored with roasted peppers and fresh basil. This wasn't inspired by the video, it was just something I had planned to do. 
I sauteed the Brussels Sprouts instead of boiling like in the video. Sauteed and roasted veggies taste so much better than boiled. I just tossed everything together, drizzled with olive oil and dusted with cheese. So simple. Oh, I added crushed Aleppo pepper because I need to have that bite. But it's optional (It will taste better but it's optional. I'm just sayin').

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