Apr 12, 2013

Project 262: Film Photography Day

Well, it's not an official national holiday or something. I think it was created by lomography. Notice that I am not linking to their page. I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I'm excited that film/analog photography is popular. On the other, they charge outrageous prices for plastic cameras. One argument I've heard is that hey, they make the products I want and they come up with products that haven't previously even existed. Yeah, but it's just film photography. You don't need a lot of products. You just need a camera and a roll of film. And I don't need to pay $300 for the camera. 

Off my soapbox, here are some film shots I've taken that I'd like to share. One day I will get a scanner and then I will have a treasure trove of film shots to share. I've got boxes of negatives just begging to be scanned. 

One of my favorite film shots. These are apartments in Barcelona. 
Another favorite, the Gumwall in Post Alley down at Pike Place Market. Holga 120.

Shot with a Diana Mini in, you guessed it, Pt. Townsend.
Another Diana Mini shot on a Washington ferry.
Probably a Holga 35mm shot. 
Holga 120 shot at Diane and Gene's.
Definitely Holga 35mm.
Holga 120. Part of my crab shell collection.
Smith Tower here in Seattle. Pretty sure this was with my much-beloved and now gone Lubitel 166. Lomography will charge me $300 for a new one. I can get a real one from a guy in Ukraine on Ebay for about $90, including the damn shipping.

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