Sep 3, 2008

Fresh Fig Grilling Sauce

I couldn't resist the fresh figs at the store. They were calling to me. I was listening. Once I had them home I ate a few. Dead on ripe.

I had fresh shrimp. I wanted to use the grill. Had a taste for something sweet and spicy. I wondered if I could use the figs for the sweet and some crushed red pepper for the heat. I turned a few ingredients into a great sauce for grilling. Great because the carmelization from the figs caused by the heat of the grill had a taste and smell akin to barbeque sauce. And that color. Let me tell you that the color only intensified as the marinade waited for me to use it.I used:

5 oz. fresh Mission Figs
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp crushed red pepper flakes
sat to taste

I marinated the shrimp in the sauce for about an hour before grilling. I grilled some shrimp directly on the grill but the majority of them in the kabob baskets. I wanted to see what the difference would be. Shrimp grilled directly on the grill tasted great but most of the that great sticky, carmelization was left on the grill grate. The shrimp in the kabob baskets got nice bits of crispy carmelization that came back into the house with me for us to eat. Really tasty. I will be experiemtning with figs for a grilling sauce again soon.


Fearless Kitchen said...

This was a really creative and great idea! It looks lovely.

vb said...

fearless kitchen, thanks! You just have to try stuff. Often, it works!

Esi said...

I love this idea! I am totally enjoying figs right now. Looks great!

vb said...

esi, thanks for stopping by. Enjoy those figs!


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