Sep 2, 2008

Sprouting Chickpeas

Another batch of sprouts is under way. First step, a long soak. Must have patience.


jd said...

This is super-cool!

I've been interested in sprouting lately, so I'll definitely have to keep checking in with your blog to see how these chickpea sprouts turn out!

That's a great pic, too :)

vb said...

jd, yes, sprouting is pretty cool. It's very easy too. Rinse - drain - wait - repeat. Thanks for stopping by!

mayin said...

my first batch of chickpea sprouts is 2 days old today:) the roots are about an inch long already. really enjoying sprouting, tasty, cheap, healthy and fun growing my food even if on a mini-scale:) tonight i'll put on some alfalfa and lentils. hope yours turns out yum too.

vb said...

mayin, growing your own food on any scale is fantastic. Sprouts are also fantastic. ll the things you said they are too. Good luck!


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